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Dell Zino HD makes a terrible noise

Hello Dell-Community,

on last monday, my Dell Zino HD was delivered to me. It´s the standard hardware-configuration, only with a WirelessLAN-Card.
Everything was okay with the device, but when i turned it on on monday, there was a realy loud noise from the inside of the device. It sounds like a realy loud cooler.
I know the normal boot-sounds and this is definitly not normal.

So i´ve waited for the windows logon-screen and pressed Restart / Reboot. At the reboot, everything was okay - only the normal device-sounds.

Since monday i´ve done some reboots and normal starts and the sound is not there every time. Only sometimes. The DELL-Diagnostic says that everything is okay.


Does anybody know a solution?

Greetings from Germany,




p.s.: please excuse my baad baaad english, i´m from germany 😛

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Re: Dell Zino HD makes a terrible noise


As this is a new system, better that you contact Dell ASAP about the problem.



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