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Dell gx 740 ember light on plugging in

today when i plugged in my gx 740 it gave a solid amber light (i did not press the power button) but when i did nothing happened, 
i took the power chord out and plugged it in again and the computer was just fine and started normally, now its happening everytime i plug it in my power socket (i see a amber light and have to reset the power chord of the CPU) any help?

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RE: Dell gx 740 ember light on plugging in

Hi Waleed12,

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.

The solid amber light indicates that the system gets power and can distribute power to its internal components but cannot process data. Request you to try these steps

  • Disconnect all cables from the system
  • Disconnect the hard drive and then check the status
  • Reseat the memory modules and try one at a time in different slots

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RE: Dell gx 740 ember light on plugging in

The FLEA LED on the motherboard DOES NOT indicate that the power supply is Good.  It only indicates 5VSB is available.  Solid Amber power button is Dead Motherboard.

The LED on the back does not mean that the power supply is good.

The BIST (Built in Self test) is what that LED and button are for.


Power Supply Self Diagnostic Features
Some Dell computers have power supplies that include a self-diagnostic feature. The test button for the power supply is visible on the back of the system. This LED is not the same as the flea power LED on the motherboard (which also only says +5VSB is working NOT the Power supply is OK). Press and hold the self-diagnostic switch on the power supply -
* If the LED stays green, the supply is functioning
* If the LED stays off, get the power supply replaced

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