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Dell inspirion 2350 blank screen

Hi I have a dell inspirion 2350 - all was working well - then all of a sudden grey screen flickered and then it went black. Now everytime i switch pc on - it just goes blank. Have hooked it up to external monitor and have been able to get into safe mode. But from here am not sure what to do. On the device manager it has a caution mark next to system firmware and also for the monitors.  it says there are 2 display adaptors an AMD HD 8690A and a intel graphics 4600. When you go to update the driver for the AMD one it says windows has determined that this is upto date. Have downloaded catalyst AMD control centre - but it won't install on the system. I am running window 8.1 - 12GB ram and its 64 bit os. Would really appreciate if someone could help me on this.

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