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Dell optiplex 390 mobo

So I scrappedited a motherboard and cpu for my personal rig, but when I went to put the front panel power switch and lights I realized that the case I took the mobo out of only used a 5 pin wiring for the power switch, hddled, reset switch and pled, where as this case uses 8 pins for it.

In the top right of the mother board it has the 5 pin connector labeled pwrswi but on the lower right (where the front panel things would usually connect it is labeled ledhi. Any idea as to how I am supposed to connect them

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RE: Dell optiplex 390 mobo

Pinouts are not published ever.

You will have to get a power button cable.

Dell Optiplex 390 3010 MT Power Switch Button Cable 074XPK 74XPK



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