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Dell optiplex 755 BSOD from AMD card

I'm trying to upgrade the video card in my optiplex 755 from a nvidia gt44 to a Gigabyte HD 7750 but eveytime i install the catalist driver for the 7750 my pc blue screens.Has anyone else had this problem before or know how i can install the driver without BSOD?

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RE: Dell optiplex 755 BSOD from AMD card

Hello HD7750,

In order to assist you, please help me with the blue screen stop error code and the operating system installed.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Allan D
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RE: Dell optiplex 755 BSOD from AMD card

XP requires CHIPSET,  DOTNET 1.1 and DOTNET 2.0 AND IE8 and Service pack3 and Directx June 2010 patch BEFORE installing ATI Drivers.

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RE: Dell optiplex 755 BSOD from AMD card

If you're using XP, I suggest installing all the unapplied Windows Update service packs and updates, along with dot-NET 4.0.

You might try updating your chipset drivers with the latest versions from Intel, as well. And updating your BIOS to the latest version.

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