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Dell t5500 cooling considerations


I bought a used dell t5500 on as it is basis.

Sometimes it hangs.

I noted few chips gets as hot as 62°C. (tested with infrared thermometer) before it hangs.

Note :hdtune error scan found no issues in hdd.   Similarly Passmark stress test also passed. But it hangs sometimes randomly.

I ran memtest and it would hang randomly at someone's after 5 minutes of test sometimes after 15 minutes into test. Before hanging forever until a reboot. I checked temperature using infrared thermometer and found temp at black heatsink approaching 62°C. And 56°C at the corner of another heatsink which had a fan at odd location with copper tube attached to it.

The black heatsink which could be for chipset has no fan in my case.

Looking for images of t5500 I found some models have fan.

My processor temperature never exceeded 45°C during memtest. But its using a heatsink that has v shaped cut out in center.

All installed fans are working correctly. No alert in bios etc.

Now I have placed a fan from old power supply on the black heatsink and do far it's stable after 3 hours of continously testing using memtest and also temperature in at 30°C for that heatsink now.

Now my questions.

1: wh is there no fan on that chip? Thre is  place on motherboard for a fan connector

2; is my cpu heatsink of inferior type?  

I in warm climate region temp now is 32°C.and in summe it reached 42°C.

No air-conditioning is present where I m using it. Living room cooled by ceiling fan.

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