Differences in booting

My system is an Inspiron 3000 desktop, with a 1TB HDD, running Win 8.1.

When I first got it, the boot went from the big circled Dell logo directly to the login picture.

I installed an SSD in my system today. I cloned the contents of the HDD (including the EPS partition) to the SSD successfully.

Then I went to the UEFI menu to make it boot out of the Windows Boot Manager on the SSD. That made the system start with the Win 8.1 on the SSD. Alas, the boot now looks different. Rather than going from the Dell logo directly to the login picture, it now goes from the Dell logo, to the Windows' four-square screen, and then to the login picture. And I think it takes longer to boot up than before.

My question: How I can make the boot looks the same as before I switched to SSD?

Your suggestions and/or comments will be appreciated.

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RE: Differences in booting

You should reconnect the HDD and use the Dell Backup and Recovery program to make a Rescue Disk (Bootable External Hard Drive) or Factory Backup (Bootable USB Flash Drive). Once the media is made power down the system and use DISKPART > CLEAN ALL. Then remove the HDD and insert the SSD. Use DISKPARTt > Clean on the SSD. Ensure UEFI with SecureBoot is enabled. Use the Rescue Disk or the Factory Backup to install on the SSD. Then power down and attach the HDD. Then power up and log into Windows, initialise the HDD and reallocate the User folders from the SSD to HDD.

To use Dell Backup and Recovery to make media and restore see here:


To use DISKPART see here:


You will need a Windows 8.1 installation USB to use DISKPART:


To initialise a HDD and remap user directories see here:


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