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Dim 5150 Image restore

I have a Dim 5150 with no restore CD.  I have a hidden partition on the HD that has about 3.5 GB of data I can't access. I guess this is the factory image of my system. How do I create an install CD or DVD of my system so I can reload the OS my way?  I uninstalled most of the software Dell puts on the system and probably deleted the image restore software.  Do I use the Diag partition to boot the system and tell it to reinstall the factory image or what is the process?
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Mary G
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Re: Dim 5150 Image restore

This should be posted in the software section for XP. To access the restore partition, press Control + F11 when you see the first Dell screen on boot. You cannot make your own cd. Contact Dell to get the real deal. Directions for pc restore here: http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/dsn/en/document?c=us&cs=19&docid=DC493DC3...
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Denny Denham
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Re: Dim 5150 Image restore


PC Restore instructions can be found here.

Contact Dell at one of the links in this post and request an XP reinstallation CD.

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Re: Dim 5150 Image restore

dan.miller wrote:
... I uninstalled most of the software Dell puts on the system and probably deleted the image restore software...
Not possible as it's not installed on the C partition.

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Re: Dim 5150 Image restore

The hidden partition has a ghost image of your system from the factory. Control F11 should bring up the symantec system restore menu allowing you to reinstall from scratch.

The Dell setup can have 3 or 4 partitions total on new systems. The Boot Diag partition is typically 32 to 56 megs. Then one or two NTFS partitions, then the Restore partition.

You can use PTEDIT to make the hidden visible. Its a good idea to save the data found here as this is a Ghost image of the NTFS partition that has the complete factory install.

If you deleted the hidden partitions then you bought the farm and its not recoverable.

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