Dim. 9200C BIOS - repair needed?

Short version: If the BIOS is damaged, is it possible to repair the BIOS on the 9200C without installing Windows? I'm not sure if this is the issue, but it's worth a try.

Long version:

  • Standard (no mods) 9200C running XP SP2 with AVG. 2gb ram, one 320 gb SATA internal drive. Got virus.Took Tums antacids.
  • Tried to remove with Spybot, Hijaack This and Malware Bytes. All would remove respective malware and the bugs would come back at next boot. Ran AVERT Linux virus removal tool and it couldn't remove everything.I suspect rootkits were installed, but not sure.
  • System eventually unbootable, even with safe boot mode. Can not reinstall Windows XP using original CD. System starts off of CD, loads various drivers and then blue screens. Tried numerous times.
  • Took hard drive out and put into Mac system. Reads the disk fine, no problems.
  • Reinstall drive back into 9200C.
  • Replace hard drive with new SATA drive. Same error. Unable to install XP.
  • Return new hard drive to store and plug in old hard drive. Found Dell Diagnostics CD and boot with it. Everything passes, no issues.
  • Ready to consume more anti-depressants and Tums.

Please advise a non medicinal solution to this problem.


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Re: Dim. 9200C BIOS - repair needed?


Can you boot into the bios? Y/N
If you can, can you change the boot order? Y/N

If you can do both of those, the bios should be ok. When booting from the operating system CD, are you telling it to format the HDD and then go forward with the operating system installation?



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