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Dimension 2400 resolution

I was asked to install Windows 7 on a friends Dimension 2400 which was running XP with 2GB RAM.

Instead of checking to see if it was compatible, I made the mistake of just ploughing on ahead. The install went fine but the screen resolution is AWFUL! It is only giving me the one option of 640x480 which I consider to be pretty strange.

Is there something I can do to change this? Download drivers ? Or would I be better off just reinstalling XP and telling my friend it won't take it?


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RE: Dimension 2400 resolution

From the support page it doesn't look like this computer was ever tested to run Windows 7.  Its possible if you know the exact hardware, chipsets, etc., that you could find drivers for it but that would take some scouring around the internet.  Being this computer is technically 'ancient' I would probably upgrade to something a bit newer.