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Dimension 3000 power supply and PCI video card

Is there a replacement Power Supply for the Dimension 3000 that has a 400W or so capacity and is a straight plug-in and bolt-in unit for this system?  My son has tons of USB stuff running on this system already (external HDD, MP3 player, webcam, external DVD burner) and we will be installing a new PCI video card.  My concern is that the stock PSU may not be up to it.  Any help?      Thanks

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Re: Dimension 3000 power supply and PCI video card



The 3000 has an open back panel, most standard generic stock ATX PSU's, with or without the on/off switch and with either a 20-pin or 20 + 4-pin main motherboard connector, can be installed.

You should be able to buy the power supply unit from a local computer store or from any online vendor.



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