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Dimension 3000 will not start after last electrical storm.

                     Unit was plugged into surge protector, was able to transfer hard drive data to another computer. nothing happens when power button depressed, green light lit up on motherboard near where power button plugs into motherboard- need to know how to determine what has died & can it be reasoanable fixed?.

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Re: Dimension 3000 will not start after last electrical storm.

First, you've posted in the wrong forum section. This section is for Audio problems.

However, with a storm related problem, it can be anything or all.  The green light indicates there is one voltage coming from the power supply but the supply could still be bad.  Same way it could be the motherboard. 

If you haven't done it, disconnect the AC (Mains) power connection for about 1 minute then reconnect to see if that makes any difference.  There is an internal "crowbar circuit" (basically an electronic circuit breaker) and if it trips, the main AC power must be disconnected for a short period to allow the crowbar circuit to reset.   Also, bypass the surge protector to see if that makes a difference. 

Whether it can be "reasonably" fixed?  If it were more than a power supply I would seriously consider replacing the PC.  Some homeowners insurance policies will cover all or part of repair/replacement costs so check your policy.

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