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[Dimension 4700] New Hard Drive Problems

Hey all,

I just got my fresh new hard drive from Dell after my old one died, and now I've got it in a fully working state; Windows XP SP3, with all the updates. Now I'm trying to get everything else to work; I cant get my resolution to 1500x1200 like I used to, and the sound won't work on my new drive, (though by plugging in my old hard drive, all of the other settings and sound work). Everything is plugged in to the tower, nothing was changed but the new hard drive, it just seems like it won't recognize everything. Can anyone help me get re-established?

Thanks! :3

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Re: [Dimension 4700] New Hard Drive Problems

It sounds like you have not installed all of the required drivers. Check in device manager for any unrecognised hardware (Rt Click My Computer-> Manage -> Device Manager). These show up as exclamation mark on deveices in the Other Devices section. Any integrated or original devices find the drivers on the Dell Site here for your system. Any hardware you have added you will need to go to the manufacturers site to download the drivers.
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