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Dimension 4700 gpu upgrade

Hi!  Ok, I know it's old as heck but bear with me... specs... 400 watt PSU, Pentium 4ht 3.6 ghz, 4 gigs 5300 DDR2 ram 2 IDE HHDs. And just bought (thanks to EBay) a Radeon 3850 gpu.  

Ok. Upon install the CPU fan revved up to full blast, the computer beeped to post, seemed to "hang" then booted into a black screen that read "the pci e device is 2.0 and will run at 1.0 press F1 to enter setup..". I expected this to happen so that's not an issue, annoying that it says that all the time but I can live with it.  My main issue is the older games that I play on the 4700 are "lagging" now.  The specs of the hardware are way above what the recommended specs for the software are so running the games on high settings shouldn't be an issue, right?   Any suggestions? Reinstall driver? Purge GPU cache?  Anything else??   TIA

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RE: Dimension 4700 gpu upgrade

The 4700 in general is too old and too slow.  Upgrading to a slightly newer Optiplex GX620 or better will improve things.   If you want a better speed bump Get a precision T3500.  These systems are highly upgradeable and won't lag or have issues with a GTX 1050TI 4 gig video card.  The 3850 is a VERY OLD  DDR2/3 GPU that is DX10 max and doesnt have 2 gigs or more of GDDR5.


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