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Dimension 5100 Hardware Upgrade PSU Question

I am going to put new hardware in my Dimension 5100 but I worried that the PSU would not be able to cope with it. So would 18 amps (per +12v rail(2)) at 22amp be enough to run my soon to be set up? The PSU is a 305W- link


P4 HT 2.9GHz Prescott

ATI Radeon X1650 Pr PCI-e GPU (no extra power connector, powered via PCI-e connector only (via motherboard))

Creative SoundBraster Acuity PCI

4 port USB PCI card

2 7200 RPM SATA HDDs

4 sticks of DDR2 RAM (512mb each)

1 CD-RW (DVD reader)

 5 USB devices



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Hi Onio-n, This has been answerd HERE. But, i agree with Theral-dbk4297, you will have no problems. 


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Thanks for the repliy. Sorry for the repeat thread, I've just used to threads dropping off the page and being lost.

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