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Dimension 5150 will not boot

Over the past few days, my machine has been incessantly re-booting itself after less than a minute or so of operation.  From time to time, it would go to the "Safe Mode" input screen, but would immediately continue the boot in normal mode.


When I talked to someone who has a fairly good knowledge of PC's suggested I install new RAM as that may be the issue, and my machine only had 512 anyway, that seemed reasonable to me.


New RAM was installed, and the machine booted a few times, but would only stay up for a minute or so and then went to re-booting as it had previously done.


It then went to a state where you had to press the power button several times to get it to boot, but it never really got itself up and operating.  I did get into the F2 screen once on boot, but after a minute or so, it went dead.


Now the machine has only an amber light on the power button, and will not even attempt to boot up.


Please provide any guidance possible, it is appreciated.


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