Dimension 8200 Help


Is anyone out there still using their Dimension 8200?  It's obviously not my daily driver, but it is my first computer and it works great.  Just recently I tried signing online and had no luck.  Out of warranty Dell support couldn't offer help, and the internet provider said to contact Dell.  What do I do?  The computer is still good and it would be great to keep around and use.  Can anyone help?

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RE: Dimension 8200 Help

If the system works other than online, it could be a network card driver, network configuration, or a bad network jack, faulty cable or router port.   However, since this system is likely running XP or earlier, and since that OS and earlier ones have seen no security update in more than a couple of years, the system SHOULD NOT be used online - it's completely insecure and you're a sitting duck for attacks.

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