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Dimension 8300 broadband speed decreases after reboot

The symptom is constant:

Reboot the machine, check broadband speed with speedtest and speakeasy: results 1300 up, 400 down, which is my advertised dsl speed.

After an hour repeat the tests:  results 400 down, 50 up.  This speed will only decrease until next reboot.


Tried so far:

Had dsl supplier verify that the trouble is not from their switch to my machine. 

Wiped C drive, reinstalled XP home and updated to most recent that Microsoft thinks I need.

Ran Spybot and Super Anti Spyware.  Theyre happy that nothiing's amiss.

Installed PCI network controller.

Ran tweaks at http://www.dslreports.com/tools.  Changed settings as recommended with Dr. TCP.

Connected other computers to the modem.  Symptom is not evident. 


Other stuff:

Task manager shows no unexpected processes, no memory leaks.  Local processes run normally.


Have not swapped out the motherboard yet, as I'm trying to avoid that.   

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