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Dimension 8400 memory upgrade

Dimension 8400 Windows XP SP2 Media Center Edition with 1GB of memory. 


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Re: Dimension 8400 memory upgrade

AS I see it, it's not a "poll" on what is better.  It's what you want.  The System does not run at 800Mhz so there is no need to buy 800Mhz memory.

From the Dell manual:



400- and 533-MHz DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM

Memory connectors


Memory capacities

128-, 256-, 512-, or 1-GB non-ECC

Maximum memory

4 GB


Memory doesn't really significantly affect the PC's "speed".  Memory allows for more programs to be opened at one time (which may affect speed of operation of opened programs but that's all), and more memory may allow for a slightly faster operation of memory intensive applications but probably not that you will notice them operating any faster.   At the speed of modern PC's and PC busses the difference between 400 and 533 Mhz speed memory will be insignificant.

4GB is maximum, according to the manual, however unless you have a 64 bit Operating System the full 4GB will not be utilized as a 32 bit Operating System cannot fully address 4GB.  

With XP, 3GB of RAM is more than adequate so installing two 1GB modules in the open slots is probably a good option. 

As Dell's can have compatibility problems with some brands of memory (and it can vary - one brand can work in one and not the other) we recommend Crucial memory as a non-Dell memory brand.  Crucial is guaranteed to work in Dell's.  www.crucial.com


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