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Dimension 9100

I'm new to the community. After digging out my old Dimension 9100 from a couple of years of storage, I decided to dedicated it to gaming and also upgraded the OS to Win 7 and added 4GB Corsair RAM. I also added a brand new NVIDIA GT 9500 graphics card. The system operates, but haltingly. I am experiencing click response delays upwards of 5 seconds. Frustrating, as you can imagine, during fast action strategy games. One major change after upgrading to Win 7 is that the hard drive makes a lot of noise. I have considered the possibility that the PSU is perhaps at fault, but it works.  

I have tried updating all the hardware drivers, but the DELL A03 BIOS released in 2006 appears to be the latest one available. The same with the driver for the default motherboard. 

Any tips or suggestions for improving overall system and gaming response? 

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RE: Dimension 9100

Exactly the same issue I had. I also have a 9100. Win7 was very laggy (I think I was using 64bit though). I am currently using Win8 32bit and there is far less of a problem, but occasionally it does have that 5-15 second lag. I am thinking it is due to the graphics card.

My specs:

Dim9100, 3GB ram, X300/X600 GPU (supposed to be 256MB, but showing 128MB..??)

I know it's been a while since you posted this message. What is your computer's status now?

Have you been able to install and use more than 4GB of RAM by any chance? I know the max. is 4GB, but some other sites and forums have users claiming they have installed more RAM than their system specifies. I'd LOVE to be able to install more than 4GB with RAM prices being far less than what they were a few years ago!

Thanks and good luck.

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