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Dimension 9150 Amber Light, Overheat?

Hello, I've had a problem with my Dell Dimension 9150 for a while now.

The problem is that whan i'm using the computer for more pressuring application it closes down and the power button is starting to blink in an amber color.

The modifications i've done is to change the PSU to a 750W Zalman one and updated the grapic card to a Nvidia Geforce GTX260

Also when the computer shuts down the fans is still working and if i try to restart it i get the same error so i have to wait for a few minutes and it is good to go again.

I've tested to remove all parts and put them back again

I've also tested with a Nvidia Geforce GT8800 grapic card.

I've also tested to put a external fan next to the computer, and also tested to have the windows open in the room, and it's working, thats why i believe it's a overheating problem.

It also seems to be no way of getting the temperature on the CPU, but with the GTX260 plugged in i've noticed that the temperature is never higher than 45 degrees celcius when the computer shuts down

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Dimension 9150 Amber Light, Overheat?

In many Dell's a blinking amber power light is a power supply problem.  However, since it appears to be heat related it would look more like the CPU is overheating.  CPU's have built in thermal protection and if the CPU gets too hot it will power off. 

If the heatsink compound has been disturbed or is not doing it's job that could be one area to look at.  Removing the existing heat sink compound from the top of the CPU and the bottom of the heatsink assembly and replacing it with new compound is one relatively easy thing to try.  Most Techie's recommend "Arctic Ice" brand as it seems to offer better heat conductivity and many have reported a decrease in CPU temperature with Arctic Ice.

The CPU cooling fan is a Dell proprietary, if you were to replace it with a non-Dell fan you will always get a "Fan Failure" notice at boot up and have to press F1 to continue with the boot.  Dell fans have internal electronic components that are sensed by the BIOS.

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