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Dimension 9150 Disappering hard drives

I have a Dmension 9150 with two SATA hard drives. I enable one to use Windows XP Pro and the other to run Windows 7 by enabling and diabling the drives in the setup program.

The system will run for a period of time from 20 minutes to several hours and then the hard drive dissappears. That is the OS fails and the screen shows a BIOS post the the drive is not available.

It will come back if I power cycle the system but not if I just do a warm boot. This happens with both hard drives. I have reset the drive cables and power connections several times to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Re: Dimension 9150 Disappering hard drives

First, F12, at power on should give you a menu with boot drive options.  Inadditon there should also be an option for hardware diagnostics. 

What else additonal do you have installed?  e.g. a different video card?  Do you still have to original factory power supply?  If you have added hardware, but a second hard drive should not hurt, it may be you need a larger power supply. 

What happens if you disconnect the power and data cable from one of the drives.  Will it run OK or will it still crash?


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Re: Dimension 9150 Disappering hard drives

I have run the hardware diagnostics and tested the hard drives successfully.

I have not added any other hardware, other than the second hd.

I am suspecting the power supply is getting weak.

I do not remember if I have tried running with just power and data cables connected to the drive not in use. I will give that a try.

Thanks for the Reply!

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