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Dimension 9200/XPS 410 Power Supply Upgrade

Hi all. I was just wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my stock 375Watt power supply from my Dimension 9200 to a Corsair 450W VX Series PSU? Any help people will be gately appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Dimension 9200/XPS 410 Power Supply Upgrade

As long as it's a standard ATX power supply it should work.  Dell no longer uses a proprietary power supply.  The only issue on SOME models is the cutout on the rear panel; some will not accept a power on/off switch without modifying (cutting) the back panel, but that's the only issue.


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Re: Dimension 9200/XPS 410 Power Supply Upgrade

The VX450 is a very good psu, but not to much of an upgrade.

You would get better efficiency, but not a whole lot of extra power ( 30amps on Dell / 33 amps on Corsair )

I would consider the VX450 as a replacement for the Dell psu, but if you're truly looking to upgrade, the TX 550 or 650 would be better options.

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