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Dimension E520: I need a graphics card recommendation

I currently have a Dimension E520 with an ATI Radion X1300 256 mb graphics card.  I'm running some pretty high demand graphics and have the nasty blue screen crash happening a lot, and the graphics load really really slow 😞


I'd like to upgrade the graphics card but i'm not a hardware wiz!  An NVica Evga has been  recommended, but i'm not sure it'll fit inside the 520, or if it's even compatible!  Can anyone give me a recommendation on a graphics card that might work for me?


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Re: Dimension E520: I need a graphics card recommendation

Hi Heinton, Your manual HERE says you have an 305w PSU. So how about an 9500GT HERE, if you have an normal tower case it will fit. Manufactors do overstate their power for their cards, and Dell do understate the power for their PSU's.


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