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Dimension E520 No sound

Somehow the hardware was uninstalled. Trying to re-install the driver I am informed it is installed and working, however when I check the red X'd it says Volume 0, right click -> Headset Earphone 6. Logitech USB Headset working AND Digital Output Device (SPDIF) High Definition Audio Device Working. When I select "Open Volume Mixer" it shows no "audio device installed".  what am I doing wrong?

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DELL-Pradeep L
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RE: Dimension E520 No sound

Hi Ed Maste,
Please run  diagnostics using this link: http://dell.to/1bOPeAk and let us know the status.
Please check in device manager if you have diabled audio device. Please install audio device using this link: http://dell.to/1H47qbF and enter the service tag and click on submit. Click on Drivers and downloads. Select OS. Install audio driver under audio section.

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