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Dimension E521 Floppy

Dimension E521 (about 8 mos old)
Windows XP
Tuesday - 3.5 floppy works fine. Formats, loads, saves ........... Thursday - nada. Can not format the disk - any disk - new, old, even the disks we were using on Tuesday.
In that time frame :
No new hardware installed or removed.
No new software installed or removed.
Internet connection was dropping when Outlook was picking up mail (re-installation of Outlook took care of that).
Explorer would not return to home page (removed and re-installed Explorer).
(sounded like bug ...).
Scanned for virus' - nada (Zonealarm & AVG)
Other actions taken to date :
Removed floppy driver and re-installled.
Removed and re-installed XP.
Used Dell Resources CD troubleshooting software.
(kids, ages 2-15 are present in the house. Although no magnets, food, beverages, or even use of the system by them in the time frame noted).
Aside of new floppy..... ? Suggestions ?
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Is the floppy drive recognized in setup and the 'Device Manager'?

First, open the case and check that the power and data cables, are properly connected to the floppy drive and motherboard.

If the above, does not correct the problem and your system is under warranty, contact Dell Technical Support and request a floppy drive replacement.


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Bev - yes the Device Manager does recognize the floppy.
Checked the internal and external cables today ........ still got a flippy floppy.
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