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Dimension System Battery Test?

I have a nearly 4 year old Dimension 9100 with XP Home that, when running a System Restore point to restore a system, returns a low battery voltage message upon completion of a successful restore, that allows pushing F1 to continue and all then continues as normal and the restore is completed.  Upon a cold boot, restarting or awaking from sleep mode, this message is not seen.  Only with the succesful System Restore is this message seen.  There are no other symptoms observed other than the rare message when running the System Restore point.

Is anyone aware of a specific hardware test for the installed (and unremoved) battery or software test package for testing the installed battery?  True, replacing the battery is no big deal, but this computer is installed in a cabinet and a bit tricky to access.  There may be nothing wrong with the (original) battery installed, and this computer is due to be retired soon anyway.

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Re: Dimension System Battery Test?

Strange.  System Restore has nothing to do with the BIOS (setup) or even hardware for that matter, it's a software function.

Only way to really tell would be to replace the battery.  Maybe the battery voltage is actually low - not low enough to "normally" force the battery alert message.  You could measure it with a voltmeter but unless you measure the battery under load the reading doesn't really show the actual battery condition.

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Re: Dimension System Battery Test?

Agreed, very odd.  This 9100 is used somewhat as a software test platform, hence an occasional system restore is necessary and it works like a charm for the most part.  I believe I will ignore the battery notice for now, as it doesn't pay -- timewise -- to mess with it.  I suspect there is nothing wrong with the battery in any event.  And even if it goes south, no big deal to replace then.