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Dimmention 8100 1.3G memmory ECC/ Non-ECC?

I have a Dimension 8100 1.3G with the original 128mb (ECC or Non-ECC?) of memory and I need to know if I can put non-ECC memory (specifically two 64mb non-ECC pc800 chips) with the original memory in the machine.
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Re: Dimmention 8100 1.3G memmory ECC/ Non-ECC?

you can use ECC memory, but should not mix ECC with Non-ECC.  Run the system scanner at the crucial website for recommendations.
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Re: Dimmention 8100 1.3G memmory ECC/ Non-ECC?

THIS IS FROM A POST I DID 4 YRS. AGO. POWERLEAP HAS ENDED PRODUCTION ON THE P4N, HOWEVER THEY SHOWUP ON EBAY SOMETIMES I've seen many questions about which type of RDram to use in 8100's so hope this helps RDram must be installed in pairs with the same the first 2 slots (closer to the CPU) slot 3-4 must have continuity models if no other sticks are used RDram is available in PC 600 or 800 the faster PC 800 is recommened but cost more different speeds & MB can be mixed (slot 1 &2 PC 800 2 X 256 MB - slot 3&4 PC 600 2X 128 MB) but both will run at the slower speed . It's recommened to install the faster ram in slot 1-2 this also applies to ECC or nonECC (will run at nonECC if mixed) even though mixing is comp., it's best to go with PC 800 non-ECC Ecc (error correction) are mostly used for servers this link to crucial (which never sold RDram) may help explain the ECC issue The 8100 was an early Pentium 4 which it's mobo took a 400 FSB 423 pin CPU that was manufactured in 1.3Ghz - 2.0Ghz Those of us 8100 owners looking to increase the cpu speed can purchase a 423 to 478 pin adapter such as the 478pin 400FSB CPU was made in 2.0Ghz -2.8 Ghz Remember 400FSB not 533, production has ended on 400FSb CPU's & are harder to find duhvoodooman ,who lurks around this forum has a great instructions for the powerleap

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