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Display Driver Stops Responding

Vostro 220s Desktop - Vista Home Premium 32 bit 3gig

I have this display driver problem that I can only refer to as "pixelating out" . The screen begins to form black pixels until it is almost completely black, then goes blank, comes back on with a notice that says " Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" . It does this a few times a day. Seems to do it more so when I am actually working on the desktop. Once , only once, I received a notice to correct my display settings, which I did. It still does it.I have tried to update the driver to no avail. and have reinstalled the driver from Dell's Download Center, also to no avail. 

I should also add a couple more things. When running Firefox OR IE, it tends to freeze up, "busy" but then comes back in a few minutes. My XP never did this, so it seems abnormal to me. I run Avira antivirus, Windows Defender. WinMedia Center or Player, nothing real abnormal, except maybe WindowBlinds.And I know plenty of Vista users who also do.

Also I am disabled, homebound, and have a very difficult , if not impossible time, functioning trying to do anything outside my wheelchair or liftchair. On good days, I may be able to do simple computer "hands on" repair or modificatrion, but only with help. So please bear that in mind with your answers please.

I did not purchase this computer for myself. A very gracious wonderful friend did, and she did not order a media reader on it. I have since purchased one, but need to know if I pr a friend can install it, or if it needs to be installed by a certified Dell Service Center to avoid damaging the warranty?

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Re: Display Driver Stops Responding

 Sorry to hear about your problems.  Does the PC use on board video or do you have an add-in video card (nvidea or ATI, for example)?  If the system is under warranty, I suggest you contact Dell for tech support.  It could be a bum video card.


You may need to completely remove the old video driver before you install a new one.  You can find a free video driver cleaner here.  Be sure to read the readme file that's included in the zipped file you download for instructions.  Before you begin, download the latest driver for your video card and burn it on a CD. After removing the old driver and using Driver Cleaner, you should be able to install the new driver.


You can install anything you want by yourself  inside your PC without fear of violating the warranty.  Dell just won't warranty any additional parts that you install.


Good luck!




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