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Drive failure Inspiron One 2305

On the Dell desktop forum I have had many helpful answers to the drive failure on this 4 year old desktop. I now know for sure that the drive is dead and needs to be replaced. I was able to extricate the failed drive from the 2305 and am looking at replacing it with the following from Amazon - $48.00 2 year warranty.

Toshiba 3.5-Inch 1TB 7200 RPM SATA3/SATA 6.0 GB/s 32MB Hard Drive DT01ACA100I

I looked at the many questions asked about using this drive in many different types of desktop pc's on Amazon and all answers were positive. Since I have the cables to which it was attached, the cage, and my recovery disks, I should be able to put the new one in reattaching it all to the above pieces and run the recovery disks - download any drivers needed from Dell and all Window's updates from Microsoft. Does this sound like a sound plan to this dilemma. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Have I covered everything? Thanks very much. 

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RE: Drive failure Inspiron One 2305


Sounds like your on your way. Below are some links to help you get your system back up.

Inspiron 2305 One. Drivers, Downloads and Manuals


How to clean install Windows 7 Professional on a new Hard Drive on a Dell PC


How to reinstall drivers in the correct order


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RE: Drive failure Inspiron One 2305

Unless your personal files are all backed up elsewhere, you may also need a drive enclosure to house the old drive so you can connect it to a USB port to see if you can rescue your files.

Or, install it as a secondary SATA drive in some other PC to see if the files can be rescued...


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