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Dual GTX 1080 founders

Good Morning all.

I have a quick question.

Hopefully within the next week due to a small unexpected injection of finances and of course clearance from the High commander (wife) I am looking at getting a second gtx 1080 founders to run in sli.

I bought a Alienware aurora November last year specs below

Alienware Aurora R5 Base

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K Processor (4-Cores, 8MB Cache,

16GB (2X8GB) HyperX(R) FURY DDR4 XMP at 2400MHz

850W PSU Liquid Cooled Chassis


My question / questions are what kind of SLI bridge do I need to get? is there anything I am missing that I would need to think about getting to make this work out of the box?


Thank you in advance.




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RE: Dual GTX 1080 founders

You'll probably get a better response if you re-post this in the Alienware Club forum.



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RE: Dual GTX 1080 founders

There is no one size fits all for ALL REVISIONS ALL AURORA.

Alienware Aurora R4 NVIDIA Flexible SLI Bridge Cable - RKT14




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