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I just received my new Dell XPS 8500 with AMD Radeon HD 7570 1GB video card, running Win7.  I have two brand new Dell 24" ST2420L Monitors.  One of the monitors is connected via Radeon's HDMI port, the other via the Radeon's DVI port.  Both monitors work as a shared desktop space, BUT the video image area on the HDMI monitor is SMALLER by 0.5" top and bottom of screen and 1" on left and right sides of the screen! 

This means one of the monitors (HDMI feed) has 'black space' around the entire perimeter of the display area, and is really an eyesore and somewhat challenging to work between monitors.

Any ideas or suggestions to solve this problem?   Much appreciated!!

Thanks a million for any help,



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Re: Dual Monitor Display Issue


Welcome to dell community. You can change the monitor scaling options from catalyst control center

1.Right click on the Desktop and open Catalyst Control Center

2.Switch to Advanced mode if you are not there already

3.Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right

4.Select Desktops and Displays

5.Right Click your currently activated display under ‘Please Select a Display’ on the bottom right

6.Select Configure

7.Click on the Scaling Options tab  and your there

8.Now, just move the scale to the right (over scan) until you get full screen (in my case that was 0%)

Please post back if issue still persists


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