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Dual Monitors in XPS-210

I'm trying to help out one of my friends and install dual monitors on his Dell XPS-210.  I bought a new video card (Zotac graphics card GT218-ION 512MB 64BIT DDR3).  I installed the new card in his PC and when I started it up, I couldn't get any video to display on either monitor.  After not getting any video I read the instructions for the video card and it says to disable the onboard video.  Does anyone know if the new video card I bought is compatible?  I read that if you install a new video card, the onboard video is automically disabled but I'm not seeing any video at all when I boot.  Do I need to...

1) Remove the new video card

2) Boot the PC

3) Uninstall the onboard video in device manager (OR, is there something in BIOS I need to change?)

4) Install the new video card

5) Cross my fingers and hope I get video???  At that point I'm hoping that I can use the VGA for one monitor on the card and get a converter from DVI to VGA for the 2nd monitor. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!!! 

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Re: Dual Monitors in XPS-210

Unless the card has two outputs you cannot use the onboard video and the video card to run the monitors.

Do you see any video even when it boots? The card could be bad.

Boot into the bios and make sure the Video setting is set to default of Auto.

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