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Dual Monitors

I'd like to add a second large monitor to my dimension computer for cad purposes. I do not it to work in tandem, rather I'd like to toggle back and forth from my desktop to an adjacent plan table. Perhaps somebody could advise me if and how this could be done. At present, Im running on a standard on board graphics hook-up.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Dual Monitors

This is by  far the best program when running multiple monitors.
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Re: Dual Monitors

The first thing you need to do is upgrade your video card to one that has dual video out.  Most of the latter generation ATI and Nvidia cards have this feature.  Make sure to check what kind of connections your monitors will accept, ie., VGA or DVI.  Most LCD panels can support both kinds.  The video card you buy must have the right video out ports so you can connect both of your monitors to the PC.   The card drivers will have built in video controller functions allowing you to use both monitors at the same time or switch between the two.
You might need an extension cable for the one monitor sitting on another table.  Perhaps you might also want a wireless keyboard and mouse.
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