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Dual Processors?


I'm thinking about buying a server from Dell and I need help deciding whether or not to install a second processor. The server would be used for web hosting and I am expecting mild to moderate traffic. First of all, what are the benefits to installing dual processors and would you recommend it for this particular server?


P.S. I know that I may be better posting this note in the server section of DellTalk, but it's a ghosttown over there and I thought I'd get a better shot at a response by posting it here :)
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The Advantage to dual processors is simple. It allows the computer to separate the tasks between the two processors. So if there is a large influx of traffic, each processor can handle its own load much more effeciently than one processor that would become bogged down in traffic. Its not a bad idea especially if you are planning on expanding
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Never had one, but it is my understanding that you would have to be running NT or 2000.

Am I correct that Win9x does not support dual processors????
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Yes, you are correct.

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Does RedHat Linux support dual processors?
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I'm not sure if dual processor support is enabled in a default Red Hat install or if Dell enables dual processor support when it ships a dual processor Linux box.

If dual processor support isn't enabled, you would have to recompile the kernal.


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