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Dual Video Cards in New XPS Tower

I am looking to buy a new XPS Tower.  It comes with a GE Force GT 730 video card.  I would like to add a second GT 730 card so it will run 4 monitors.  Dell sales people tell me that this won't work.  Are they correct? The description page says it has 4 open slots?

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RE: Dual Video Cards in New XPS Tower

They are correct. The new XPS 8910 tower only has one PCIe x16 video card slot on the motherboard. The GeForce GT730 has the following video out ports = VGA, HDMI, DVI-D DL

The Nvidia specifications page (middle one) state it has three monitor support. I do not see anything in the XPS 8910 BIOS that would allow you to use BOTH the GeForce GT730 and the onboard DP (DisplayPort) and HDMI out ports. I would look for a PCIe x16 video card that offers four monitor support and simply remove the GeForce GT730. Something like the AMD FirePro W4100 which has four Mini DisplayPorts.

"The description page says it has 4 open slots."

True, it states, "4 PCIe expansion slots (x1, x1, x4, x16)"

But only the x16 slot works with a video card.

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RE: Dual Video Cards in New XPS Tower

If the GT730 card already supports 3 monitors and you can't use onboard video for #4 because that card is installed, you could still add a 4th monitor by connecting a USB>{video} dongle to a USB port on the PC, where {video} is a port that monitor #4 supports, eg USB>HDMI.

And you'll probably want to get a USB3>{video} dongle because of its extra speed compared to a USB2>{video} dongle. A USB3 dongle will cost more than USB2, but still a lot less than a new video card.


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