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E520 added memory, only shows 3 gb, not 4 gb

I have an E 520 that came with 1 gb and I took out the 2 512s and put in 4 1 gb modules.


Changed the bios setup but the computer only shows 3 gbs of ram.


The scan from crucial shows 4 gbs but the dell scanner only shows 3.


How to make the system show 4 gb of ram?


Running XP that came with the computer.

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Re: E520 added memory, only shows 3 gb, not 4 gb


If you have a XP 32bit system, this does not recognize 4gb of memory. 3gb± is all a 32bit system can address.

Basically what it means is, while you can install 4gb of memory in the system, the reason it’s not recognized is mainly due to 32-bit processors & 32-bit applications on memory address limitations.

64-bit processors & operating systems will recognize beyond the 32-bit limitation.

See here


Ps. Thanks to Mombodog for providing the link.

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Re: E520 added memory, only shows 3 gb, not 4 gb

Windows Limitation can't help, However the system will be utilizing the whole memory available.


Workarounds are available to get this displayed with registry edit, However that is not recommended as it can lead to Blue Screens and Windows crash.

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Re: E520 added memory, only shows 3 gb, not 4 gb

Poster, listen to shesagordie and if you want the full amount addressed get the 64 bit operating system with SP-1 included.


Prior to install of the 64 bit OS SP-1 version..


1.  Take out all but 2 Gigs of memory


2.  Install windows.  Must be the one with SP-1 or the memory Hotfix will not be included and you will have to download this from Microsoft


3.  Turn off system and install the remaing two sticks of memory for a total of 4 gigs.


4.  Reboot... Done.


Then go into System Information and see that all 4 gigs are addressed.  It will

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