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Enable Intel QuickData in T3600 with Xeon E5-1650


Is there a method to enable the Intel QuickData DMA engine resident in the Xeon device of the Precision T3600?


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RE: Enable Intel QuickData in T3600 with Xeon E5-1650


Unfortunately, I found no information in my database for enabling the Intel QuickData DMA engine on the T3600.

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RE: Enable Intel QuickData in T3600 with Xeon E5-1650

Could you find someone who may know more in depth? I appreciate the database is good first check, but I would like access to the hardware on the chip.

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RE: Enable Intel QuickData in T3600 with Xeon E5-1650

The onboard Intel Ethernet Adapters do not support Microsoft* Windows* 32-bit operating systems. And the onboard NIC is NOT an 10GbE  adapter. So quickdata is not an option.  The T3600 is not a Server platform. Microsoft Server 2012 NIC Teaming (LBFO) is also not supported as There arent DUAL 10GbE nics on this system.  

Advanced Network Services (Intel(R) ANS) Teams and VLANs are not
supported on Microsoft* Windows* 10.  

Again this is not a server platform.  It is also not a 2009 to 2012
Apple Mac Pro.


Intel QuickData Technology is supported on the following chipsets:

• Intel® 5000 Series Chipset
• Intel® 5100 Chipset
• Intel® 7300 Chipset
• Intel® 5400 Chipset

The T3600 uses the Intel C600 Series Chipset.
This is not an ESX Server and Does not support VT-D

VT-d Intel ®  Virtualization Technology (Intel ®  VT) for Directed I/O.
Intel VT-d is a hardware assist, under system software
(Virtual Machine Manager or OS) control, for enabling I/O device
virtualization. Intel VT-d also brings robust
security by providing protection from errant DMAs by using DMA
remapping, a key feature of Intel VT-d

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