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Error Code 43 NVidia GTX 760 Alienware X51 R2

I purchased an Alienware X51 R2 i7 Windows 7 with an Nvidia GTX 760 through amazon.com a little over a year ago.

My GPU has stopped working, completely, and the only way I can function is through the Intel HD 4600. 

Device Manager tells me a "Code 43"  and that windows has basically shut down my graphics card.

I've tried all I can, visited the forums, updated my BIOS, uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers, pulled the card out of the PC, started it up, shut down, put the card back in the PC, started it up, scanned for hardware changes, etc, to NO AVAIL.

Can anyone please direct me to an actually helpful avenue?  Dell, Alienware, and NVidia have been absolutely hands off with trying to help me.

Thanks for any advise.


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