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Error Message When I Try To Play Music And Sound In General

I uninstalled a few programs the other day and apparently I uninstalled something important. I remember one was sound blaster. Now, every time I try to play music I get an error message which says : There is a problem with your sound device. It may not be installed on pc or not compatible, may be in use or not functioning properly. I have downloaded several things that have not worked so i decided to come to someone smarter than I. If you know what I need please also give me a link to download it. I am running windows xp and have a Dell DE051. Thank you for your help.

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Re: Error Message When I Try To Play Music And Sound In General

DE051 is just a code  -your actual model is either a Dimension 1100 or a B110.

While it's possible you have a "Soundblaster" PCI audio card, as far as I can tell it was not original to that model.    

But if you actually mean you uninstalled  "Soundmax", that's probably your problem.    Soundmax is a brand name for the original ADI audio device on that system.  If that sounds right, try downloading and reinstalling it again.   Click the blue download button, but do NOT choose the Dell Download Manager - it has a habit of being troublesome.  Just choose the second browser download.


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