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Factory image restore in a new studio xps 9100?

i just got a new studio xps 9100 last week, and it is working fine.  I used a transfer cable to transfer files from my old pc to the new machine.  I must have clicked a few things by mistake, and the old pc settings were also transfered over.  I didn't want that, and i am finding files and programs on the new computer.  I went to do a system restore, and it said no restore points were set. 

It's not that big of a deal, but I want to new computer to be fresh...especially coming from a 10 year old dimension 8100.  Would restoring back to factory settings be the easiest way to clear out the junk?  Its not even a week old, so i wouldn't have too many new programs to reinstall.  And, and factory restore would make it like it was when I took it out of the box??  Just want to make sure


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Re: Factory image restore in a new studio xps 9100?

Best to restore and then manually copy over what you want.  I used the easy transfer one time on a PC (the new PC was a Dell, too) and the easy transfer moved more than I wanted including moving my old Recycle Bin to the new PC.  I did a factory reinstall and started over and then just manually copied what I wanted to the new PC. 

HERE is the Dell Procedure (basically F8 at POST).  You only have to do part of what's listed since you don't have any user data to restore.


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