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Faulty recovery USB

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Yes, I know my PC in out of warranty.

My PC is bust.

I need to reinstall Windows 8 OS

I bought the recovery USB from Dell. 

Before using the USB, I did my homework, checked the forums, watched videos etc.

On the tiny booklet, it instructed me to chose the USB storage from the menu once I pressed F12. There was not USB option!! Just  this "uefi toshiba msft norb pmap" nonsense.

I chose this option, and come across the screens like the one shown on the video: . I go to the screen shown on the video (1.46 seconds) and there is not option for data backup (at the moment, I don't care about backup) and just a continue option. I click this and unlike the video, it just suddenly goes back to the dell logo screen, where is says "preparing automatic repair", and shows the troubleshooting pages. And I have tried to troubleshoot using then options. No joy!! I get the message "Unable to reset PC. A required drive partition is missing".

I don't understand why I have to pay for software support. The USB is OBVIOUSLY faulty! Otherwise, why does the USB not take me to the "restoring operating system" screen??

I don't have a PC now, I have a deadweight!!

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RE: Faulty recovery USB

USB recovery does not fix physically bad drives.  You need to install a blank drive.

The other gotcha with the usb recovery is that it works 1 time. Cannot be used over and over and over again to install many machines and it cannot be cloned.

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