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Fire wire card/video card for studioxps

Hello everyone, I have purchased a Studio XPS for my school to use in our live newsroom studio.  I have Adobe VC3 with green screen teleprompter etc.  I need to purchase and install a firewire card, a dual head video card and a Radeon based AGP video card for live streaming.  My questions are;

1. Which firewire card will give me the most plug ins and still fit in the studio xps?

2. What is a dual head video card and which one will fit in the studio xps?

3. There are a bunch of Radeon AGP video cards for sale.  What do they do and which one should I purchase for studio xps?

4. I have read several concerns about power supply issues when adding cards.  Do I need to upgrade my power supply?

First, thanks to all who reply.  Second, I see a lot of reply's questioning why one purchased that etc.  Public schools give you only so much freedom and I am lucky to be getting this new computer so please only reply if you are trying to help.

As you can see I am new to this but, again, I would appreciate any help you could offer.


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Re: Fire wire card/video card for studioxps

Do you have a Studio XPS 435MT? If so,


1) There are 3- and 4-port firewire (IEEE 1394) cards. If you have a Studio XPS 435MT you will need to get a PCI-e x1 card like this one:

Checking the specs of the Studio XPS 435MT, there are two firewire ports on the computer, one in the rear, a second mini connector in the front.


2) A dual head video card has two monitor outputs, so you could connect the computer to two monitors or a monitor and a TV or projector. Generally, less expensive cards have one VGA (blue) output and one DVI (white) output. Midrange+ cards have two DVI outputs.


3) I am assuming that the AGP video card is a minimum requirement. That flavor of video card is not compatible with the Studio XPS. The Studio XPS uses the PCI-e (or PCI-Express) flavor of video card. Before purchasing a new card, check to see if your machine has two video outputs (either blue and white, or two white ports). If the computer already has two video outputs, you probably will not need to get a new card, as even a low-end card will have much more power than the minimum requirements.


4) Assuming you need to get a new card, the Studio XPS 435MT's 360 watt power supply has enough juice to power just about any PCI-e card under $100.


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Re: Fire wire card/video card for studioxps

I want to thank you soooo much for your help/advice.  You have saved me hours of learning and figuring and scratching my head.  It sounds like I have just a little work to do but not much.  You have helped a bunch of students at my school, thanks.

Thanks again for everything,


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