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Flash Dell BIOS into Intel BIOS?

Is it possible to flash my Dell BIOS into the equilivent Intel BIOS? I've heard about it being done.

By the way my computer is a Dimension 3000 with A02 revision.

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More than likely it can be done, but consider all the possibilities before doing so.  There are a few older Dell models that can successfully use an Intel BIOS.  The newer Dell systems are more proprietary and thus require a Dell specific BIOS.  Those who have tried using a non-Dell BIOS found that their motherboard wasn't fully supported by the non-Dell BIOS or was now dead.  Once the BIOS flashed to a non-Dell version it is a very difficult or an impossible task to reverse since it requires the hacking of the Dell BIOS file to get it to reflash.  The other problem is the Dell installation CDs.  The CDs supplied by Dell are designed to check the installed BIOS before installing.  If they find a non-Dell BIOS in place then the installation program will abort.  This could mean the re-purchase of an OS CD. 
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The OS concern is a real one though only if you're using the dell OS and need to reinstall.

I don't recall any posts of people trying this recently. If you do so, please, please, please, post back telling us how it went.
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