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Four 3.5 HD in Dell 3620 Tower

I ordered my 3620 Tower with no optical drives and one 3.5 HD.  I have two additional 3.5 HD that I need to install.  I have one of the 3.5 HD in the empty HD bay along side the existing HD.  The article below describes how to install four 2.5 HD, but it's not clear how to install my third 3.5 HD.  Any help is appreciated.

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RE: Four 3.5 HD in Dell 3620 Tower

Hi DenGarrett,

Thanks for posting.

According to page 12 of the manual  https:/?  four 3.5 inch drives will not physically fit in the bays, only 2, plus 2 - 2.5in.

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RE: Four 3.5 HD in Dell 3620 Tower

Actually There is only 1 3.5 caddy and 2x Optical bay.   4x 2.5 drives would be possible but only if they are SSD"s due to power considerations.  The dvd could be replaced with an Optical Disk Drive to HDD drive bay.'s%20Manual_en-us.pdf



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