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Free Space Optiflex 755

I was given an optiflex 755 from My son in law. It is my first computer.It is very slow and I started looking around with my daughters help.

She sais I have 3 GB free space in C: and 38 GB in E:

She doesn't know if this is why it's so slow. She told me to ask if this free space in E: can be moved to C:??

If so - How?

Wil this help?

She said everything on C; is legitimate and should not be deleted.

Thank you for helping out this old Grandpa

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RE: Free Space Optiflex 755

Lawrence 153,

One way to do this is by following the the information below in the link. Since you do not want to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

You can click the link below for resizing partitions. The computer is from 2007 and the Operating System installed is no longer supported. 

Resize/Move Partitions with Free Partition Resizer

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