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GX-270 Hard Drive Not Found

My church has two Optilplex GX-270s.  Recently someone alterered the setup on them:

1.  On one PC, The Administrator code as changed and we are only able to access that PC as a Guest (Limited User)

     _  I'm thinking we can just reload the software to wipe out the password

2.  The second will not recognize the hard drive. 

      _  We have reset the BIOS with no luck.

      _  We have removed the drive from the PC and installed it as a Slave in another PC and it works fine

Is there a way to reset the PC to the original factory configurations so that it recognises the drive?

Is there any thing else we can (or should) do?

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Re: GX-270 Hard Drive Not Found

If you go with the factory restore then you will lose all the data on the drive. IF you have the Dell recovery disks then you can try to do a repair reinstall which will attempt to fix the system with out losing data.

Repair Reinstall instructions I am assuming you are using XP if your using Vista then I can provide a link to that.

What I think happend is the master boot record on the drive got messed up and the disk is now not being recognized as a bootable disk.


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Re: GX-270 Hard Drive Not Found

Thanks... I had no success on the unrecognized drive, however we were able to do a repair on the other computer to remove the Password that had it locked .