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GX 620 & ATI Radeon X600 Issues

When we replace a computer, the SOP here is to format the hard drive of the old machine and reload everything before passing it down to another user - unless the machine is too old.  This is what happened with a Opti GX620 which came with an ATI 128MB Radeon X600 video card in it.

I reloaded the machine with Windows XP SP3, Office 2007 and the scores of updates and installed the video card driver from the Dell Drivers and Utilities disk.  However, the user experienced some disturbing behavior while in Excel.  First, after opening a worksheet, the screen would flicker 3 or 4 times.  Then, as he used Excel, he experienced frequent video freezing and instances when a cut and paste resulted in the screen not refreshing at all.  Occasionally, the computer itself would lock up completely.

The previous user of this particular machine did not experience any behavior like this.

I then went to ATI’s site and downloaded what they claimed was the latest driver for that card – which was not digitally signed by MS – but that did not improve things at all.

When I did a search on Dell Support for Radeon X600, a good dozen or so hits came up with drivers for XP.  Can anyone offer any advice?

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Re: GX 620 & ATI Radeon X600 Issues

Hi Kmcphail,

I would first make sure the old driver you installed from the Dell drivers disc is completely uninstalled. This is not as easy as it sounds with ATI drivers. Although this article is older, the procedure should work the same.

I can't suggest another driver since I don't see an X600 driver for the GX260. But make sure you are using a desktop, not laptop (mobility Radeon) driver.

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