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GX620 hourglass/stuttering problem

I've sold a few OptiPlex systems in the past couple weeks, and a couple of GX620's are having the same exact problem that has me baffled.
In a nutshell, the system "stutters" quite a bit while being used and the regular mouse pointer keeps flickering to the hourglass/pointer symbol, as if a process is happening in the backround.
This is most noticable when for instance typing a document in MS Word, the user would type a sentence and would litterally be going too fast for the computer to keep up.  They will type, you will not see any text on the screen, then a couple seconds later, the keystokes would then "catch up" and be displayed on the screen.
These are brand new computers, spyware is not a factor.  They are using different anti-spyware packages, one is AVG, the other is Symantec CE, so I would doubt either of the AV software packages would be causing this.
I was just wondering if anyone else has been experincing this problem on brand new OptiPlex systems.
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Re: GX620 hourglass/stuttering problem

I have this issue as well. The system is only a few months old and was running at light speed. What I expected from a new machine. However, a few weeks ago - things started to slow down dramatically. At first I thought it was something software related.

However, I reformated and boot up times went from a nice 5-8 seconds, to an alarming 30-50 seconds. I thought maybe perhaps something got fouled up in the reformat/install. So I did it again with just the OS installed. Same thing.

After the second time, I left the system alone and started installing my programs, updates and drivers. A few things I noticed right off the bat are as follows:

1 - The system can not do more than one thing at a time. If it does, it nearly grinds to a halt. It's as if the processor is bottle-necking somewhere.

2 - If you attempt to do multiple items at the same time with lets say music playing, you can clearly hear the system skipping and halting. The audio becomes garbled, choppy and exhibits signs that the processor, chipset or something related to the motherboard has gone AWOL.

Conclusion? The GX620 has an issue - especially since I am not the only one experiencing this. Anyone know what is going on? My dell tech is going to replace the motherboard and hopefully that will resolve the issue permanently.

I pray this does not turn into another problem - similar to the GX270 fiasco. That was a PITA!
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Re: GX620 hourglass/stuttering problem

Did your replacement motherboard fix your problem?
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Re: GX620 hourglass/stuttering problem

Its probably not the PC but the software. Office 98 mostly. Especially when outlook is checkin mail in the background.
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