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GeForce GT 730, U2414H, daisy chaining?

Hi - I have two U2414H monitors and want to connect them in daisy chain. My GPU (GT 730 GPU) has hdmi and dvi output ports (i.e. No Display Port).

Is it still possible to daisy chain? I was thinking of the below possible connection methods. But wanted to get clarification before I proceed.

CPU-Monitor1 using HDMI-HDMI cable. And Monitor1-Monitor2 using DP (1.2, out vs in)

If the above wont work, please suggest an alternative if possible.

Thanks for your help



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RE: GeForce GT 730, U2414H, daisy chaining?

Daisy chaining can only be done if the source video card has either a DP (DisplayPort) out port or a mDP (MiniDisplayPort) out port. You need to remove that video card and install one that has DP out or mDP out.

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